Next meeting of the St Clair County GOP Central Committee • September 16th at 7:00 pm
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Wall of Honor

We honor the following people who were willing to put everything they had into changing our government for the better. We honor you for your commitment.

If you know of a republican who has run for office and their name is not on this list, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and their name will be included in the list. If you see an error, also notify the webmaster.


St Clair County Candidates

Past & Present

US Representative  
     Ronald L. Davinroy  
     Jason Plummer  
State Senate    
  Dave Barnes  
  Kyle McCarter Senator
State Representative  
  Glen Farley  
  Joseph F. Avellone  
  Julie Bigham Eggers  
  Linda Lehr  
  Melinda Hult  
  Paul Evans Respresentative
  Robert Goins (2)  
  Ryan Stookey  
  Steve Reeb  
  Lininya A. Cason Judge
  Paul J. Evans  
  Ronald R. Dubbert  
  Steve McGlynn Judge
  Alexa Edwards  
  Andrew Colon  
  Billy McIntyre  
  Billy R. Mathews  
  Brian M. Salvi  
  Bill Zychlewicz   
  C. David Tiedmann County Board
  Caroline Stark  
  Catherine Kreher  
  Charles E. Lee County Board
  Craig Hubbard County Board
  David B. Langford  
  Devin A. Kaemmerer, SR  
  Diane A. Megahy  
  Ed Cockrell County Board
  Fernando Calvarese  
  Greg Bridgeman  
  James R. Foote  
  James Orlet  
  Joe Behnken County Board
  Joe Swierczek County Board
  John Long  
  John West County Board
  Jon McLean  
  Jon J. Brough, SR.  
  Joseph J. Frano  
  Keith Asselmeier   
  Kyle McCarter County Board
  Larry G. Massey  
  Larry L. Dennis  
  Laura Wheeler  
  Lawrence Cole  
  Mark J. Davitz   
  Mark L. Kiehna  
  Marvin E. Hayden   
  Matt Hawkins  
  Matthew Stirrup  
  Michael O'Donnell County Board
  Neal Connors   
  Nicholas J. Miller County Board
  Norman E. Rieso  
  Richard R. Davis  
  Riley L. Owens, III  
  Robert L. Gentsch County Board
  Robert Reindl  
  Roy Mueller  
  Ruth S. Rieso  
  Scott A. Hassebrock  
  Scott Clark, JR.  
  Stephen McArthur  
  Steve Reeb County Board
  Terry A. Wright  
  Thomas Richards  
  Vicki Avedisian  
  Whitney Wisnasky-Bettorf  
  William R. Fink  
  William T. Blair II County Board
  Curtis R.Williams Trustee
  Dave Barnes Supervisor
  Dave Barnes Trustee
  Debra A. Smith Trustee
  Guy Don Carlos Trustee
  Greg Bridgman Trustee
  Keith Sturgis Trustee
  Larry Massey Trustee
  Mark W. Burk Highway Commissioner
  Mary K. Carroll Township Clerk
  Ralph Hult Trustee
  Ryan Stookey Trustee
  Timothy L. Buchanan Supervisor
  Albert Lehr Jr Village Trustee
  Ed Cockrell Jr Village Trustee
  Gary L. Graham Mayor
  Gene McCoskey Alderman
  James A. Vernier II Mayor
  James A. Vernier II Village President
  Jerry E. Albrecht Alderman
  Linda K. Lehr Village Trustee
  Melinda Hult Alderman
  Philip A. Goodwin City Clerk
  Rob Dorman  
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