When Doug resigned Feb 15th, he distanced himself from all dealings with the St Clair County Republicans. He and I have had no direction communications since mid-February. He resigned from Chairmanship and his position as PC.The St Clair County Republicans put out a disclaimer saying as a party we were not endorsing any municipal candidates but we were encouraging voters to be informed about who would be on their ballots. We did have a table set up at the Meet the Candidate event with information about Republican upcoming events.All candidates were given an opportunity to speak. Ms Hubbard had a generous amount of time during her interview. She spoke with passion and enthusiasm. Ms Hubbard’s literature was on our table. Because we were not there to support or endorse any candidates, I moved Ms Hubbard’s literature to a different table. Her material was not removed, not prohibited, not rejected, and there was no slight intended. It was still available to those at the event without restriction.I moved the literature on my own, there was no order from Doug Jameson for me to take that action. The accusations against Doug and his business have no bearing on what happened yesterday. He was not involved in any way. The accusations against him are false.I called Ms Hubbard to clear up any misunderstanding and she hung up on me. I have sent her a text with this information.