Membership Newsletter – February 2024

We Made It! Since January 1st we’ve gained 30 more minutes of sunshine; well, if you don’t count all the cloudy, rainy days we had! But we can anticipate sunshine and warmth are coming! We are also anticipating the primary election for 2024. If you requested a mail in ballot, it should arrive in your mailbox […]

Membership Newsletter – January 2024

I’m not one for multiple resolutions each year. Resolutions tend to be self-help wishes—more industrious endeavors, less fat, more self-control, less stuff. What would one word be which would describe your resolution for 2024? Let me offer mine—FORWARD. We must look to the goal before us and not the starting line behind us. We are […]

Membership Newsletter – December 2023

Must be winter–that particular chill in the air which soaks to the bone has made its debut! The Christmas lights are up and lending a festive mood to driving around town.   The deadline for turning in petitions has arrived. The March primary will have the names of those who worked hard to get the […]

Membership Newsletter – November 2023

  Here in the autumn of the year the kids are coming off their sugar high of Halloween and its too early to think of Christmas (though you couldn’t tell from the store displays!). There is a simple holiday which often seems to get overlooked or pushed out of the limelight, Thanksgiving Day.  How appropriate […]

Membership Newsletter – October 2023

View in browser The United States is a government described as ‘a representative democracy.’ Representative democracy is a form of democracy in which people vote for representatives who then vote on policy initiatives.   Our elections–with its many parts of petitions, signatures, the spring primary, campaigns, and the general election in November–is representative democracy in motion […]

Membership Newsletter – September 2023

We are going through the transition from summer to fall. That applies to the weather, to activities, and the coming election. Soon there will be opportunities to sign candidate petitions so their names can be on the March primary ballot. Keep reading for when and where those opportunities will pop up!   St Clair recently […]

Membership Newsletter – August 2023

View in browser This has been a hot few weeks in St Clair County—is this a forecast for a hot election cycle gearing up? There are some interesting campaigns getting started and more are in the works. Please consider how you can get involved! School supplies are out at the stores and our kids are […]

Membership Newsletter – July 2023

St. Clair County Republican Party I hope you enjoyed the celebration of our nation’s independence on July 4th! Independence Day is a very important day for all Republicans as it reminds us of the freedom for which our forefathers fought after they published the Declaration of Independence in 1776. As a Party, we continue to […]

Membership Newsletter – June 2023

From The Chairman   Thank you to all of the golfers, sponsors, and volunteers that made our 3rd Annual Chairman’s Golf Tournament a success!  We had wonderful weather, a great turnout, and Annie Frey, from 97.1 FM Talk, broadcasted her show on-site.  You can find Annie’s interview with Cheryl Mathews, St. Clair County Republican Party […]

Membership Newsletter – May 2023

From The Chairman   Congratulations to the Republican winners in the April 2023 Consolidated Election!  We have a list all of the winners below.  Thank you to all of you who voted in the Consolidated Election!  As you’ll read below, there were 19,512 ballots case out of 165,386 registered voters in St. Clair County for […]